Editorial: Compelling (dissolving St. Maarten Parliament)

POSTED: 10/5/15 6:12 PM

It is understandable that politicians are all going to their own corner and see reality through their own rosy glasses. That does obviously not mean that they are right.

Last week we saw the ‘might is right’ rule exercised by a so-called new majority in parliament. They withdrew their confidence in the Gumbs-cabinet – presenting not a single plausible reason for it – and already counting their blessings by dividing up the posts for their new government.

The cabinet hit back with a national decree to dissolve parliament and to call elections for December 8. The governor is not in favor of this decree and he has not signed it – not yet.

As the advice from constitutional expert Arjen van Rijn makes clear today, the governor must sign the decree. The argument that there is a new majority cannot stand in the way of the cabinet’s autonomous right to dissolve parliament.

More compelling, we find, the motion of no-confidence does not contain a single valid argument, while the cabinet’s arguments for the dissolution of parliament are strong. In fact, they answer the desire to put a stop to the endless ship jumping our politicians love so much.

New elections will without any doubt end several careers prematurely. That ought to give the next crop of the representatives of the people reason to do some serious thinking before they decide to bring down yet another government,


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Editorial: Compelling (dissolving St. Maarten Parliament) by

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