Donations political parties currently under review

POSTED: 03/13/16 7:26 PM

Annual reports due by March 31

St. Maarten News – The Electoral Council is currently reviewing the registration of donations political parties received in 2015. The council said in a press release “that all eight registered parties should submit their annual report 2015 before April 1.” The final day to submit these reports is Thursday, March 31.

The report must include the composition of the party board in 2015, the number of contributing members at the beginning and the end of 2015, the amount of contribution the party received during the year and an overview of activities carried out in 2015.

Furthermore, the report must be accompanied by a financial report. This has to reflect the party’s financial position at the beginning and the end of 2015 and contain a specified statement of income and expenditures; also, an auditor’s report by a certified accountant about the accuracy of the financial report.

The report should also list donations of 5,000 guilders or more from sources other than a natural person. Lastly, the parties have to report the total amount it received in donations, other than regular contributions from party members.

Failure to comply with these requirements that are based on the national ordinance registration and finances political parties could result in fines.

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Donations political parties currently under review by

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