Culture ministry starts identity poll

POSTED: 10/26/15 12:03 PM

St.  Maarten – Minister of Culture Rita Bourne-Gumbs announced this week the launch of a National Identity poll started yesterday. The poll will look at the identity of St. Maarteners based on birth, heritage and adoption. A survey dating back to 2005 collected some data to define who is a St. Maartener and took a closer look at the importance of a national anthem.

The Minister believes that this is the right time to restart the discussion. The poll is available on the Ministry of Culture’s Facebook page and the government’s website. “I encourage the public to voice their opinion because this poll will give us a sense of reality about how it feels about the St. Maarten song and who can be considered a St. Maartener. This should not be only decided by a minister, or a hand full of people, the public needs to voice its concerns,” stated the minister.

The process of selecting a new St. Maarten anthem came to a halt last year after the minister came under fire for wanting to change it quickly without proper consultations. This led to the minister’s decision to poll the public. The survey will be followed by a panel discussion to clarify the subjects.

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