Court seizes 22 million from money laundering Dutchman

POSTED: 04/4/16 2:38 PM

WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – The Common Court on Justice has seized 31 bars of gold, worth an estimated 21 million guilders – from Albert Wout de Groof in the Fiji-case. The court also took away 900,000 guilders from de Groof’s bank accounts. The total of close to 22 million guilders ($12.3 million) goes to the local crime fund. Furthermore, the court seized a Cessna 335 airplane, three pieces of land in Bonaire registered to Emphora Fisheries Americas SA, a company based in Panama, a Toyota 4 Runner, a Jeep Cherokee and a Boston Whaler with a 130 hp Mercury outboard engine.

The proceeds of the land and other items, together with the value of the gold bars, will give an enormous boost to Curacao’s crime fund.

The court found De Groof guilty of helping a drug dealer launder money through investments in real estate and a concrete plant. De Groof also exported gold from Venezuela without a permit and gave the gold forged certificates of origin.

The court sentenced De Groof, a Dutchman who lived in Belgium, to 540 days of imprisonment.

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Court seizes 22 million from money laundering Dutchman by

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