Cell phones banned on Election Day

POSTED: 08/10/16 2:54 PM

St.maarten – The election campaign opens on Monday and concludes on Saturday September 24. Political manifestations and the placement of campaign posters and flags is only allowed during this period, Justice Minister Edson Kirindongo has decided.

Billboards may not be larger than 6 by 6 meters. The police can record public speeches and the prosecutor’s office will judge afterwards whether the limits of freedom of speech were violated.

Political manifestations are not allowed between midnight and 8 a.m., on Elections Day or on the day prior to Election Day.

Political parades are prohibited on Election Day. Gatherings to attract the public have to keep 200 meters away from polling stations.

Among the more interesting rules are the ban on placing flags, banners and signs on bridges and the causeway and “on or around roundabouts in such a way that it can hinder the traffic.”

Taking cell phones into polling stations will be forbidden. Minister Kirindongo says in the conditions sets forth for the elections that metal detectors will be used to control this.

Political parties will have to remove all their billboards and other promotional material from public roads before midnight on Saturday, September 24. In case of a tropical storm, all materials must be removed until further notice.

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