Body found on Grandes Cayes beach

POSTED: 07/6/16 7:49 PM

MARIGOT (SOUALIGAPOST)—Gendarmes suspect that another body found on the Grandes Cayes beach in Cul de Sac on Sunday at around 9:30am could be a case of a homicide. Two walkers found the body of a man on the beach. The gendarmes were alerted and went to the scene. With the help of a medical examiner, they confirmed the death of a man said to be in his thirties.

The first observations of the scene appear to indicate that the death was a homicide. The anthropometric samples taken have quickly allowed the investigators to identify the victim: A French resident, who lived in Saint Martin since the end of May 2016. An autopsy will be performed in the upcoming days. The Saint-Martin Investigations Unit will handle the investigation. This body was found just two days after a body was found on Dutch St. Maarten on the Cake House Road, and almost two months when another was found on Nettle Bay on French St. Martin.

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