Belizaire is Powerade Sprint champion

POSTED: 12/5/12 12:22 PM

St. Maarten – From the word go, Wilfrid Belizaire surged into the lead in the swimming leg of the 2012 Powerade Sprint Triathlon and was never challenged. His closest rival Greg Pigeon had to settle for the second place followed by Daniel Miller in the third spot.

Belizaire, from Guadeloupe finished the 750 meter swimming distance with a time of 0.10.33 seconds, the 20k ride in 0.37.34 seconds and the 5 k run in 0.35.15 and a total time of 1.13.04 seconds.

Pigeon, who had a good season prior to that race had 0.13.10/0.38.02 and 0.23.05 a total of 1.14.17 and Miller had 0-13.39, 0.13.25 and 0.23.57 ,a  total time of 1.16.01. In the Fun distance ( 375k swim/7k ride and 5 k run’ for individuals, Mario Junker was first to complete the three stages in 0.55.10 followed by Emrys Halbertsma in 1.00.39 and in the third place was Bastien Denux in 1.02.55.

‘Yes We Do’ was the winning team with a time of 0.56.44 in the Fun Distance category followed by ‘Red Rockets’ in 1.08.41 and in the Sprint distance team category, ‘Les Incognitos was first in 1.08.02 followed by ‘I Love Pink’ in 1.13.42 and ‘Team Joost’ in 1.20.10.

The Oyster Bay Resort served as the ideal backdrop for the early morning event which attracted a total of 68 participants in the various categories, but in the end, three were disqualified for infringements.

It was a joggle for pole position as the athletes plunged into the water, some head first at the start of the first leg. In his effort to ensure that he would not be boxed in by swimmers, Belizaire took up a position at the extreme left of the starting line.

He was first to exit the water at the end of the swimming stage in the 750m category. First to exit the water in the Mixed Fun Distance category was 14 year Jonker and then suddenly, the transition point buzzed with activity as the participants shifted over to riding, the same form of energy was exhibited at the completion of the riding leg and the beginning of the final leg in all the categories.

Age and gender did not matter, it was the survival of the fittest and at end, nutrients in all forms were available compliments of the proud sponsors in addition to the prizes that was handed out after a special breakfast that was provided by the hotel.

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