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Appeals court acquits former MP De Weever

St.maarten– The Common Court of Justice acquitted former Member of Parliament Leroy de Weever yesterday of the theft of a tablet from blogger Judith Roumou. The Court in First Instance had found De Weever guilty and sentenced him to a 750 guilders fine. Solicitor-general Ton van der Schans asked the court at the trial on August 25 to confirm that sentence.

On January 11, 2014, there was a confrontation between De Weever and Roumou on Front Street. At the time the blogger made a lot of noise, claiming that De Weever had hit her and that he had stolen her tablet. The prosecution found no reason to charge De Weever with ill-treatment and limited the charge to theft.

Video footage of the confrontation shows how De Weever walks away from Roumou holding something in his hand, but the quality of the images makes it impossible to establish that this was Roumou’s tablet or something else.

Based on the dossier and the trial the court ruled that there is no legal and convincing evidence that De Weever took away Roumou’s tablet.

“The court considers the statement made by Roumou insufficiently reliable,” the ruling states.

Video footage and other evidence does not establish with sufficient certainty that the defendant took away Roumou’s tablet or that he even had it in his hands, the court found.

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  1. Regina Phalange Regina Phalange January 25, 2017

    Ms Roumou has been unfairly harassing this man and his family for years. Her writing is an embarrassment to the island and the blogging community. She has deep psychological issues and should be encouraged to seek medical treatment.

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