Alegria Resort wants to evict pool bar owner Marty

POSTED: 10/7/15 5:40 PM

St. Maarten – Hardly a week after Alegria Real Estate lost its second court case against Marty Dijkhuis, the operator of Marty’s Dream Pool Bar at the resort in Beacon Hill has been summoned to vacate the unit he leases at Alegria by next week Monday.

In a letter dated October 5, Alegria’s attorney Metin Unsal “grants a final opportunity to voluntarily vacate the unit by ultimately October 12 at 10 a.m.” failure to comply, the attorney wrote, “shall result in eviction proceedings against you, in which case you will be personally held liable for all damages and costs of my client.”

In June, Alegria’s position was that there was no lease agreement with Dijkhuis, but the court ruled otherwise. Now Alegria uses this ruling to state that such a lease agreement does exist, and that it is valid for an indefinite period of time. “This agreement can be terminated by either party with a reasonable notice period,” the letter states.

Unsal informs Dijkhuis in the letter that Alegria does not need permission from the Rent Committee to terminate the agreement because the unit is part of a hotel.

Unsal furthermore writes that Alegria terminated the agreement in a letter dated July 22, giving a one-month notice period. Alegria asked Dijkhuis to move out by September 15, but he has no intention to leave, so it looks like Alegria will begin eviction procedures next week.

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Alegria Resort wants to evict pool bar owner Marty by

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  1. Jeff Berger says:

    I’ve been writing about this in SXM Weekly News. One can logically infer from Alegria’s many actions since it started business operations in SXM that its business model is arrogance/bullying and nothing else. Do business with Marty’s, and otherwise do what you want, but I personally would never patronize the resort.

  2. Rhonda Borresch says:

    I sure hope the courts are getting sick off Alegria by now. It time they pay Marty for lawyer and time.

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