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  1. Miguel Arrindell says:

    23 feb 2011

    Greetings my friends i just find out about your website. It is good to know. Do you allow people to do online posting. Keep up the good works with your investigative reporting. God bless.

    Yours truly

    Miguel Arrindell
    Phone 523-7327

  2. Soualiga Social Movement says:

    To which email do we send editorial posts?
    Awaiting an answer.

  3. MissLovedove says:

    Good morning SXM ppl I would like to know if town is going to be open this morning??

  4. Dr Kropp says:

    Case Number AR 39/13
    Next docket session October 15, 2013

    LET ME TELL YOU A STORY OF THE JACUNDA ORPHANS: They live in a compound in the Amazon. There are two buildings. One is their home with a kitchen, dining area and dorm rooms. The other is a clinic.

    Everyone thought it would be a great idea if Dr Shupe brought 8 young doctors to volunteer. She insisted on their safety. Arrangements were made for security. They also asked for internet. No one was murdered, raped, or robbed. The students communicated regularly by computer.

    Sponsors for the medical mission were many including Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals and the American University Alumni Association and myself, the Treasurer.

    At the end of the trip and after Dr Shupe returned to St Maarten they emailed everyone they had been cheated by $4 per day.

    Dr Shupe was assigned by the Dean to create a spreadsheet of expenses. It was determined that Dr Shupe owed for security and internet. She refused to pay.

    Everyone would like the court to ask her to pay because this money would have otherwise been for the orphans food, electricity and gas.

    Mark Kropp, MD
    Treasurer, AUC Alumni Association.

  5. Zennith Alphonso Bridgewater-James says:

    Congratulations for your Editorials, from us here in this part of the Caribbean: Venezuela. I have just started to read your so informative, well balanced NewsPaper, and I like what I have been reading so far, henceforth please continue in that direction. This I say as a Native Son, born on St. maarten on Aug. 14th, 1943………

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