MP Silveria Jacobs embarrassed by ministers’ crude language

POSTED: 09/24/15 1:07 PM

St. Maarten – National Alliance MP Silveria Jacobs admonished Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs and Vice Prime Minister Dennis Richardson yesterday for the language they have used in public fora. Referring to the “go ahead and kill yourself” statement PM Gumbs made on August 12, Jacobs said this was “embarrassing.”

“Then you turn around and apologize,” she said. “I am troubled by statements made by our ministers. They think it is okay to make them and later on they have to apologize.”

Jacobs also made a veiled reference to a recent statement by Vice Prime Minister Dennis Richardson, but she could not bring herself to repeat what he said on September 14 in reaction to a speech by Attorney-General Guus Schram: “Justify your claims or shut the hell up.”

Jacobs only referred to “another minister who was very disrespectful.” Her conclusion: “I think we should temper our words.”

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MP Silveria Jacobs embarrassed by ministers’ crude language by

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