An explanation to our readers

POSTED: 09/24/15 12:24 PM

Last Saturday the Today newspaper did not appear. This time there was no technical problem, but there was a shortage of newspaper print. On Friday it became clear that our container with newsprint would arrive late on the island and that we would run out of paper before the container’s belated arrival on Tuesday.

Reason for us to contact our colleagues at the Daily Herald to ask if we could buy two rolls of newsprint to help us out. The Herald refused because of “all the thing Today has been writing about the Herald.”

Asked for further explanation, we did not get any and we remain genuinely confused about what on earth we have done to cause this reaction.

On Saturday afternoon we received an email from our colleagues, saying that they did not want to cause us any further damages and that we could pick up the newsprint Sunday night.

That was not necessary anymore, since we had decided on Friday night to skip the Saturday edition and save our paper for today’s edition and the one of tomorrow.

We have again asked the Herald for an explanation and are awaiting an answer. We are strong proponents of good relationships, also with our competitor on Busch Road, but we feel that our readers are entitled to this explanation.

Today’s issue will contain some of the content we would have offered our readership on Saturday.

Hilbert Haar,

Editor-in-Chief @ Today

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