Immigration deports forty illegals in two weeks’ time

POSTED: 09/18/15 12:15 PM

IBP announces stricter controls

St. Maarten – The Immigration and Border Protection Service (IBP) has deported forty illegals during the past two weeks, the justice ministry stated in a press release. The deported people have been banned from the island for three years.

IBP is “working forcefully to ensure that illegal immigration is tackled,” director Udo Aron stated in the press release. “The decision to step up controls has been confirmed and is presently being executed by the immigration mobile control unit in collaboration with the Coast Guard and the Customs Department.”

During the next couple of weeks IBP will increase controls at bars, restaurants and barber shops, within the districts and on public roads.

The IBP urges citizens to carry valid documents, like ID and residence permit “to ensure smooth and swift controlling.”

“Persons residing illegally on the island are strongly advised to leave the island immediately, to avoid being incarcerated, deported and banned for three years,” the press release stated.

Information about applying for residency and extended stays for tourists can be found on the website Questions can be directed to or to . These email addresses can also be used by those who need assistance to return to their country of origin.


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Immigration deports forty illegals in two weeks’ time by

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