Editorial: At Ease

POSTED: 08/28/15 4:56 PM

The controversy caused by a Dutch civil servant with an attitude – Gerard Bouman – is no longer an issue after Justice Minister Dennis Richardson and Kingdom Relations Minister Ronald Plasterk ironed out the wrinkles on Wednesday during a dinner also attended by Safety and Justice Minister Ard van der Steur in The Hague.

Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs’ explanation about the contacts with Dutch civil servants also helped to take some of the tension away.

With that, things seem to be back on track with the plans to work together on strengthening law enforcement and with the establishment of the Integrity Chamber.

It is not likely that Bouman will offer the country an apology but then, he will never get to meet a minister in Philipsburg again, so his future rants will remain stuck on the level where they belong – the civil service.

For now, it’s back to the things that really matter, and that’s a good thing after Bouman’s counterproductive visit.

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