Mixed emotions as kids head back to school

POSTED: 08/19/15 4:56 PM


WHAT CAN I DOThe only person that knows what is going through this little boy’s mind is himself, this was just one of the images captured at the MAC School in Betty’s Estate on the first day at school for the new term. Photo Today / Milton Pieters

St. Maarten – That first day at school for every boy and girl is something parents and the kids themselves look forward to, but often times the moods of some kids change at a flash and that is when the motherly instincts kicks in or in some cases when experienced teachers have to lend a helping hand.

From past experiences, it’s easier on parents when the child going to school for the first time has another brother or sister at the same school. For some kids, day one away from mom and dad in a strange environment is a moment of truth, but it’s something that has to start someday.

Psycology plays an integral role for the smooth transition from listening to what parents say to kids on a daily basis to listening to their respective teachers for the better part of five hours. The Principal of the Methodist Agogic School in Betty’s Estate, Mr. Hodge adopted the proactive approach by positioning himself at the entrance of the school.

His face is something all new students at that school will become familiar with in less than two weeks, however they will all establish a closer bond with the class teachers. The new friendships they make will also help to make their days in school easier.

However, not all kids cry on their first day at school, some were looking forward to the day and seemed exuberant.

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