The Council of Ministers: Tough talk

POSTED: 08/14/15 10:17 AM

The Council of Ministers showed its teeth yesterday during its first press briefing since taking office on December 19 of last year. The gloves were off, and one minister after the other came out swinging with firm statements, some directed at that financial straightjacket called financial supervision, others directed at parental responsibility and at the naysayers.

Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs went all out with suggestions that people with self-destruction in mind ought to “tie a block around their neck and jump of a pier” or “jump out of a plane.”

Diplomatic it was not, but the message was clear as a bell. Never before has a prime minister made it so clear that the citizens of our community ought to focus their energy on positive contributions, rather than on destabilization.

“I got carried away but I feel good about it,” the PM said when he was done.

If he manages to marry his tough talk with decisive action, there is a bright future ahead of us.

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