Opposition NA and DP: “Much rhetoric, little substance in governing program”

POSTED: 08/14/15 9:38 AM

St. Maarten – Debating the governing program Ready to Work for You “would inevitably lead to much rhetoric, but little substance,” the opposition factions of National Alliance and Democratic Party say in a joint statement. The opposition says that the cabinet should have reworked the document “into an executable and accountable program.” The parties call on the government “to do the right thing and present parliament with a document that gives people some perspective and hope.”

NA and DP say that the governing program leaves a lot to be desired “especially after the many promises that were made by the United People’s party during the 2014 election campaign.”

Even more disturbing, the two factions note, is that the program “provides no basis for a constructive discussion in parliament about government’s plans, its priorities and the resources it needs.”

The opposition furthermore points out that “government’s actions contradict its stated objectives” and that there is “no synchronization between ministers.”

As examples, the press statement mentions “the refusal by government to reach a solution with PJIA and jump-start the much needed investments at the airport,” issues at the Housing Foundation and the lack of attention for the tourism industry. Furthermore, the opposition cites ‘the lack of urgency in dealing with integrity in general and with an integrity chamber in particular,” the lack of dialogue with stakeholders (including parliament) and the developments at government-owned companies.

“There are no clear objectives for the improvement of education, none for decreasing the cost of living, no action to curb many social ills, and no plan to decrease violent crime and crimes against women and children.”

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Opposition NA and DP: “Much rhetoric, little substance in governing program” by

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