Editorial: No easy way out

POSTED: 08/12/15 4:57 PM

The inevitable death of Sergeant Gamali Benjamin has made a bad situation worse – if that is possible at all. The arrested shooter is now looking at manslaughter charges; if found guilty, Pointe Blanche will become his home for a very long time.

More important is the way the public and private sector are going to react to this awful situation. Measures should be practical and achievable, but already there are doubts that preventive searches are doable, given the available manpower at the police force.

One may well wonder whether it is time to ask the marines for assistance, if the authorities really want to clamp down on town-center oriented criminality in a sustainable way.

Truth be told, we don’t have the solutions, and we figure that it won’t be easy for our decision makers either to come up with something. They will need all their brainpower to arrive at a meaningful structure that will give the Friendly Island back its carefree innocence.

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