Taliesin removes construction material from Central Bank

POSTED: 08/6/15 6:43 PM


St. Maarten – Taliesin Construction removed all its construction material from the site of the Central Bank building on Sunday at the bank’s request, Managing Director Carl Critchlow confirmed yesterday. The removal is necessary to make way for the company that will complete the renovation.

Central Bank President Dr. Emsley Tromp said at the press conference about the bank’s annual report that it would conclude a deal with a new contractor this month and that work would resume in August. Taliesin had a 3.7 million guilders contract for the renovation but the company was removed from the job in early March after the bank cited integrity issues based on Taliesin’s position as a sub-contractor to the troubled St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation and its fired director Henry Lynch.

The Taliesin employees who worked on the building went through a thorough screening before the bank signed a contract with the company. Three months into the job, the bank called in the early termination clause of the contract and sent Taliesin packing.

Taliesin is now suing the bank for damages. The company describes the bank’s decision to terminate the contract as unfair. The court hearing is expected next month.

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