Editorial: Sex trafficking

POSTED: 08/6/15 6:47 PM

Our country’s image does not live up to expectations in the latest Trafficking in Persons report from the American State Department. It depicts St. Maarten, again, as a center for sex trafficking and forced labor.

With such a report, brothels come to mind, but that is not even half the story. The report also mentions forced labor in many sectors – from construction and Chinese supermarkets, to retail shops and housekeeping.

This is the world we live in: we commemorate the abolition of slavery every year on the first of July, yet we close our eyes for the slavery that is going on right under our nose today.

We are very aware that not everybody likes this comparison, but we stick to this position. If we are not prepared to tackle today’s slavery why are we then making such a fuss about the (indeed, very ugly) history of slavery in the past?

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