Driver escapes with minor injuries from accident

POSTED: 08/6/15 6:52 PM

St. Maarten – Evasive driving avoided what could have turned into a serious accident that left one driver with minor injuries and the other pondering his mistake in the accident that happened on Bush Road yesterday morning.

The driver of a red Cerion had just made a hasty exit from the parking lot outside the Jade Dollar Store when he came into contact with a yellow Renault that was driving in the same direction.

In his attempt to avoid a direct collision, the driver swerved his vehicle which ended up on the edge of the steep incline and came to a stop after it landed on its side. In addition, to the shattered windscreen, there were also some damages to the front and left side of the overturned car. The Cerion escaped with minor damages.

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Driver escapes with minor injuries from accident by

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