Commercial center Aventura another boost for Hope Estate

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Hope Estate project st maartenConstruction of Aventura in Hope Estate is still in the early stages. Photo Today / Hilbert Haar


HOPE ESTATE, St. Martin – The Zone Artisanale et Commerciale (ZAC) in Hope Estate on the French side is about to get another boost with the construction of the commercial center Aventura. The project will put another dent in plans to revive Marigot, because more and more entrepreneurs prefer the location Hope Estate, where parking is freely available, to the clogged innards of the city.

The construction of Aventura is already underway and developer Tridom, a real estate company based in Guadeloupe, expects that the project will be finished in the first quarter of next year.

The two-story center consists of 2,840 square meters of stores and offices. Alexandre Queffelec of Tridom told the French-side newspaper St. Martin’s Week that already eight of the twenty available units have been taken.

Queffelec considers Hope Estate, situated between Grand Case and Orient Bay, the economically most promising location on the French side.

The BMW dealer will move from La Savane into the property next year, as will a bank, clothing stores and maybe another restaurant. The offices on the first floor are for professionals like doctors and accountants.

The developer is using only local companies for the construction phase of the project.

Built on a lot of 6,137 square meters, the center offers 97 parking spots and another 30 reserved places.

The development of Hope Estate began in 2001. St. Martin’s Week reports that a hardware store will be built on a lot of 6,000 square meters and that there are also a dozen lots of 1,000 square meter awaiting construction. There are still two lots of 3,000 square meters for sale.

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