Kick ’em Jenny

POSTED: 07/27/15 7:32 PM

Somethings’ brewing under the surface of the ocean and even though it is not happening in our back yard, it is close enough to pay attention.

Kick ‘em Jenny, the submarine volcano eight kilometers north of Barbados is a lumbering threat to the region’s safety.

All we have to go by now are statements from scientists saying that there is no reason to panic, because an eruption won’t lead to a serious tsunami.

Since nothing has happened during 24 hours since the orange alert went out, we figure that Jenny will keep quiet for now.

But the scenario of a huge tsunami spells disaster for the whole region, from the coast of Venezuela to Puerto Rico. It would hurt Barbados first, but the response time for other islands is between 10 and 90 minutes. For sure, that makes disaster plans for such an event useless, because the islands may indicate escape routes but most people won’t have anywhere to go.

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