Editorial: Father Christmas

POSTED: 07/21/15 7:17 PM

Nobody says that St. Maarten should not take care of its own but the assumption that the government is akin to Father Christmas is a misconception that should not begin to lead a life of its own.

The call for even more incentives for ‘returning professionals’ (read: students) as made by MP Maurice Lake will most certainly fall on deaf ears with the finance ministry that has made abundantly clear in the past that personnel costs are getting out of control.

A 10 to 15 percent uptick on a salary is something most employees can only dream about. If that is not enough in combination with transportation costs and a free ticket back home than it is probably not worth to hire such a professional.

It is also rather cheap to urge the government to give better incentives without indicating where the money has to come from. Maybe MP Lake wants to slash it from the subsidy for the Carnival Foundation, but that would not be such a popular measure either.

Long story short: our country needs to be prudent with its financials and we should leave playing Father Christmas to, well, Father Christmas.

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