MP Marlin-Romeo supports budding artist Arndell

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zabian and Leona Donation (2)

Zabian Arndell shows some of his work with MP Marlin-Romeo by his side. Photo contributed

St. Maarten – Independent Member of Parliament Leona Marlin-Romeo has started with her Giving Back to the Community Program. The first recipient is artist Zabian Arndell.

Marlin-Romeo established the program to recognize the contributions of citizens, organizations, public schools and positive initiatives in the community.

Marlin-Romeo uses part of her monthly salary towards initiatives “that constructively aid in the advancement of those who illustrate extraordinary talent, innovative ideas, contribute to the community, and or are seeking educational advancement,” the MP stated in a press release.

“Each month I will make a contribution, starting with Zabian Arndell. Zabian is a self-taught, free style young artist from Arch Road in Sucker Garden. He is the son of Gladys Arndell who graduated from Sundial School, but after graduation had absolutely no idea what he wanted to study,” Marlin-Romeo stated.

“He eventually turned to drawing, a talent that he knew he had from the sixth grade.  He was exposed to airbrushing six years ago and caught on to the art by solely observing other artist and doing online tutorials.  He was inspired by another young artist named Olanzo Williams. Even though he feels that he is not being sufficiently noticed, he has been given odd jobs for Sint Maarten’s Day, Statia Carnival, and most recently the Telem sponsored Fun Day,” Marlin-Romeo explained.

“Zabian however wishes to develop his skills, by becoming certified so that he may open his own business in the field of airbrushing, graphics design and perhaps tattooing.”

Zabian told Marlin-Romeo that he wants to advance and sharpen his skills by attending workshops in the USA. He would like to accompany LaRich on her next trip to an overseas workshop.

Marlin-Romeo witnessed Arndell’s art work and has pledged to make sure that he gets to fulfil this dream.

“Too often we hear of the negative behavior of our youth, therefore it is a great honor to recognize Zabian Arndell. Life has not always been easy for this young man but he has consciously chosen to walk the right path and become an entrepreneur,” Marlin-Romeo stated.

“Zabian was encouraged to follow his dreams and keep the right attitude for it will determine his future. My assistance is only the beginning, as I have plans to reach out to various art schools and inquire whether he can receive a talent scholarship to further his studies.”


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