Local St. Maarten internet download speed lags behind average

POSTED: 07/16/15 4:22 PM


St. Maarten – Internet download speeds in the Caribbean cannot stand in the shadow of the global master in this field, Singapore, where download speeds have reached a dazzling 122.51 Megabytes per second. In St. Maarten download speeds hover around 8 Mbps, which is still below the Caribbean average of 9.65 Mbps, This appears from a survey published by `Michele Marius of ict-pulse.com.

Aruba is by far the most advanced in internet access speed. At 22.84 Mbps, the country ranks number 49 in a field of 200 countries ict-pulse assessed. Curacao follows as the Caribbean’s second best at a respectful distance with 17.95 Mbps.

The slowest download speeds in the region ict-pulse found in Cuba (1.53 Mbps), Guyana (3.15 Mbps) and Belize (3.79 Mbps).

St. Maarten ranks 123 in the field of 200 surveyed countries.

While Singapore has by far the fastest internet access, others are doing also well, but nowhere near the market leader. Hong Kong recorded 104.1 Mbps over a period of 30 days, and Japan 86.86. The global average download speed is 23.8 Mbps, while, as stated before, the average for the Caribbean is just 9.65.

Still, the Caribbean is making progress because compared to a year ago it recorded the highest increases in download speeds. In particular Curacao’s download speed increased by 4.8 Mbps, the BES-islands saw it go up by 4.38 Mbps and Aruba increased this by 431 Mbps. St. Maarten is not among the countries where download speeds increased over the past year.

Out of 28 countries in the Caribbean that were included in the survey, 17 are doing better than St. Maarten. The ten countries that are doing worse are (ranked from best to worst) Guadeloupe, St. Vincent &The Grenadines, British Virgin Islands, St. Kitts&Nevis, Haiti, Antigua&Berbuda, Belize, Suriname, Guyana and Cuba. Jamaica performs the same as St. Maarten.

In the global ranking, St. Maarten slipped from place 119 to 123, while Aruba climbed four spots to enter the top-50 at number 49. Bonaire, Statia and Saba made a big jump in the rankings from 106 to 82.

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  1. ron says:

    I was shocked to see what they let you pay for internet on Sint Maarten. I will show you the difference between the prices in Holland and Sint Maarten.

    The most expensive package Scarlet unleashed USD 130.00
    The most expensive package Ziggo Max USD 80.00
    (first six months USD 38.00)

    Scarlet-sxm.com versus Ziggo.nl

    If you only use 70 GB you loose
    the 10 GB that you’ve allready paid

    *Downloadspeed only up to 4 Mbps -*up to 200 Mbps
    -*telefoon landline
    -*interactive television
    -*cable tv
    -*115 channels(38 HD)
    -*on demand films/serie
    -*online television
    -*replay tv

    Scarlet “only” $ 130.00 Ziggo $ 80.00
    p/month p/month


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