Editorial: Motions

POSTED: 07/16/15 4:54 PM

The track record of the parliament with the motions it has submitted over the past three years is not brilliant. In part this can be explained from the fact that some motions are simply asking the government to make money available for a certain objective, without indicating where these funds should be coming from.

Other motions – like the infamous one about plastic grocery bags – seem to have died a death of their own while there is nobody around who seems to care anymore.

This lax attitude erodes the trust and confidence some voters may still have in the activities of our politicians. That is a shame, because, as a prosecutor once famously said in court, trust arrives on foot, but it leaves on horseback.

In that sense, it is heartwarming that at least one Member of Parliament has decided to write a monthly check from her own purse to support worthy local initiatives.

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