Young man gunned down in Sandy Ground

POSTED: 05/11/15 5:50 PM

Sandy Ground, St. Martin—One man in his early twenties is dead from gunshot wounds and his shooter wanted for questioning following an altercation in Sandy Ground that begun around 10pm on Friday night.

On Friday at approximately 9:15pm, Kern Hector known as “Fatts” passed away from gunshot wounds. The man died despite doctors at the Louie Constant Fleming Hospital operating on him however his wounds were to severe and he was pronounced dead minutes after 2am on Saturday morning.

No official statement has been released yet by the Gendarmes however witnesses on social media described the shooting as “scary”. The Gendarmes were called to the Sandy Ground area on Friday evening after 10pm to respond to a fight between two men. According to a bystander, the fight started after Hector and an unidentified man started arguing, several minutes later a fight broke out and persons had to separate the two. Surprisingly the unidentified man pulled out a weapon and started shooting at the victim. The eye witness alleges that Hector ran for his life while the gunman continued shooting into a large crowd after him, which resulted in Hector falling to the ground. The man fled the scene and bystanders picked up the victim and carried him to the hospital in their own private vehicle as they though waiting for the ambulance may cost the  young man precious time in the fight for his life.

The victim received medical treatment on arrival at the hospital however he succumbed to his injuries. The bystander also mentioned that the shooting took place in Sandy-Ground next to the basket ball field. Authorities were seen in the early hours of Saturday investigating the murder case. No other injuries were reported from the apparent crowd present during the shooting.

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