Vromi investigating Oyster Pond sewerage issue

POSTED: 05/11/15 5:44 PM

St. Maarten—Inspections and investigations are still being carried out in the Oyster Pond area by the Vromi department to determine where exactly the sewerage running into the trench originates from, Vromi official Henry Ellis said in an invited comment.

Residents of Oyster Pond complained last week about the stench and health hazard posed by the sewerage running in the area. Residents contended that they contacted the Vromi department, but that nothing had been done. However Ellis explained that his department has visited the area and is busy conducting their investigations. This is not the first time that the Oyster Pond area has been plagued with sewerage woes and on the previous occasions, the department OF Vromi was able to identify the offending premises from which the sewerage was flowing and take steps to remedy the problem.

This time around the Vromi investigation to date suggests that the sewerage is not coming from the same premises that was the initial offender but has not yet figured out the culprit. Residents of the area view the unhygienic situation and the eye sore caused by the sewerage as cause for concern. While the Vromi department is tasked with investigating this issue and identifying the offender, it is important to note that the Oyster Pond area is not on the Government sewerage pipe network and as such the issue is not one created by the ministry Vromi.

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  1. contessa says:

    It’s the same nonsense…..it’s the Dutch side’s problem….no…it’s the French side’s problem. Why can’t they get together and fix the problem and not the blame game?? It’s one ‘friendly island’….so fix the stinking problem!

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