Opinion: Missing in Action by Todd Peterson

POSTED: 05/11/15 5:52 PM

Dear editor,

It appears to me that the Prime Minister Marcel GUMBS and the political leader Theodore HEYLIGER of this country are missing in action. Their lack of transparency in sharing whatever vision that they may have for this country is blinding. The citizens of this country would like to know what happened to the governing program that was promised by this coalition. Why are the ministries of Vromi and Health not headed by a separate minister? What are the plans to fix the infrastructure? The main roads are in dire need of major repairs. The sewage system is in a mess.

The garbage mountain on Pond Island is nearing the height of Mount Everest. What happened with the plan to install an incinerator on Pond Island?  What are the plans to alleviate the traffic congestion from the western part of the island to the eastern part? The country is spending millions in patient referrals to other countries. What are the plans of this government to minimize this? Do you have plans to get the Dutch Government financially involve in upgrading the St.Maarten Medical Center, which in my humble opinion will be beneficial to the citizens of the three Windward Islands. What are your plans to increase revenue for the Country? Do you have a plan to increase tax compliance? Are you replacing the local guilder with the dollar as the official currency? One of the clichés of government is “creating jobs for our people”, but It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the lack of effective and consistent control by our local immigration and labor departments, makes “creating jobs for our people” a farce. People who enter this island have little or no regards for our labor and immigration laws. What action plan does Government have in store to tackle this phenomenon? If I am not mistaken I believe that the General Audit Chamber is carrying out a financial audit at the Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post. Is it the intention of government to request the General Audit Chamber to also carry out financial audits at the government owned companies GEBE, Airport, Habour and Telem? If not, why not? What happened to the amendment to the law to tackle the abuse of the “six months contract”? Is this amendment to the law a priority for Government? Is this government willing to increase the old age pension and the minimum wage? If not, why not? These are some of the things the citizens of this country want answers to. So Prime Minister and Political Leader stop being opaque.


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