Winner is ready to make an impact: Norissa Richards takes Mature Queen crown

POSTED: 04/23/15 6:45 PM



Norissa Richards (left) accepts the crown from her predecessor Bria Sorton. Photo Today / Milton Pieters  

St. Maarten – The Carnival Mature Queen competition was a nail biter however Norissa Richards blew out the pageant on Monday evening with a staggering 1,050 points. Winning six sashes Richards was crowned the 2015 Mature Queen while first runner-up Lisette Carty and second runner-up Micheline Warner looked on.

Miss Popularity from the onset was between Warner and Richards, who both had one thing in common, having their mothers dealing with breast cancer. Richards lost her mother to the cancer and was forced to take responsibility and step up in her family circle she stated during her introduction speech. Warner a banker by profession was joined by her mother a government traffic controller for her creative wear, Dressed in a pink mobile, the costume turned heads as it looked like a real vehicle, she however did not win best creative wear. Richards came out with an American soldier uniform with the notion that she is ready to fight in the armed forces for St Maarten.

The new Mature Queen was lost for words. “I am feeling wonderful, I didn’t expect this win. I wanted to have fun and enjoy myself and it paid off, I was hungry for it, the win means so much to me”. Richards plans to be a very outspoken and hardworking queen. She plans to start a foundation to help young girls in the pageant world. Richards thanked sponsors Gebe, Mark Beck and all contributors who helped her achieve the win. Fabiola Brown, Lisa Myers-Leonard, Lisette Carty and Querida Lovera were the competing participants vying for the crown.

Richards’ hit of the night was a masterpiece skit performed for her talent segment called “What’s love got to do with it”. Dressed as a battered woman, she spoke of her lover showing her love by hitting her all the time and that she does not tell people her business because she does not want to lose her lover. The punch line used had the crowd bursting out in laughter which was “he love me bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, yes”. She ended her skit with the message to patrons that if they are a victim of abuse, get out of the relationship. She also testified that she was once a victim of abuse. New to the lineup of sashes was the social media award. This was based on the amount of social media attention the contestants create prior to the event. Organizers were happy with the outcome of the pageant and encouraged the public to support the local shows still to come.

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Winner is ready to make an impact: Norissa Richards takes Mature Queen crown by

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