SER wants additional meeting about counterpart policy

POSTED: 04/23/15 6:15 PM

St. Maarten – The Social Economic Council (SER) met with the central committee of parliament yesterday afternoon. The role of the SER and what they are presently working on was discussed among other issues by the advisory body.  Chairwoman Oldine Bryson-Pantophlet headed the discussion with a presentation about the role of the council and its scope for solicited and unsolicited advice. The chairwoman took the helm of the organization in 2014 and will end in 2017.

Member of Parliament Leona Marlin Romeo stressed on consumer protection which she says is being neglected. “Various members of the community are affected on a daily basis by sky rocketing prices.” Bryson-Pantophlet said that the SER advises government and that the Council of Ministers has its responsibilities.

MP Christopher Emmanuel questioned the SER on its position on the counterpart policy and dollarization. The SER wants to discuss these issues in depth in a subsequent meeting.   The mission statement of the council is to objectively advice government towards sustainable development and to provide strategic advice with content that will change the dynamic of policy discussions. The role also includes to inform stakeholders on social economic topics and to maintain relationships with similar organizations regionally and globally. The SER strategic plan shows the desired result, sustainable development, and the method to get there: strategic communication, dialogue and stimulation of stakeholders. MP Leona Marlin Romeo plans to request an advice on consumer protection.

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