Editorial: Administrative blackmail

POSTED: 04/23/15 6:49 PM

Administrative blackmail. This is how Vice Prime Minister Dennis Richardson qualified the looming instruction from the Kingdom Council of Ministers. Those are big words, but they do ring true, certainly in Sint Maarten where the sentiment has turned strongly against Dutch intervention in domestic affairs.

Minister Richardson made clear that, after his meeting with the Council of State, that there is no perspective on an agreement with the Dutch about the Integrity Chamber.

That makes it, in our opinion, opportune to push the homemade legislation and to find a majority for it in parliament, before the Kingdom Council of Ministers brings down the hammer.

Right now, there is quite some resistance in parliament against the Integrity Chamber, but MPs have to realize that half a loaf is better than no bread at all – or, in this case, better than bread that will be completely inedible.

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