Editorial: Smuggling drugs

POSTED: 04/20/15 8:19 PM

On the surface it seems like the two girls who attempted to smuggle drugs into the Pointe Blanche prison yesterday are utterly dumb. Who puts a bunch of ecstasy pills in his pocket for a visit to the prison? That is asking for trouble, right?

There is of course another side to this story – the reach of inmates beyond the prison walls.

At this moment, we do not know who the intended recipients of the drugs are, but that information will come out sooner or later.

We see two scenarios: the girls are madly in love with their inmate (and therefore blind) or the inmates have put pressure on them or their loved ones (you bring me those drugs, or else).

In the first scenario, the girls have learned a lesson the hard way. The more ominous second scenario requires an investigation into the way inmates manage to communicate with the outside world.


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