WINAIR employees now members of PDP Country Club

POSTED: 04/16/15 6:19 PM

St. Maarten – Effective April 01/2015 all WINAIR employees became members of Country Club at PDP and will enjoy access to gymnasium and the swimming pool. This access has been given to all WINAIR employees and is the result of cooperation between WINAIR and Country Club, seeking creative ways and means to accomplish common goals together. This benefit has been provided our employees at no charge to them and WINAIR will provide these memberships as a benefit and is a way of saying thank you to our team in SXM.

”Fitness has positive effect on our employees both inside and outside of work, by providing this to our employees we are confident that this will increase the quality of life for our employees, yes there is a expense involved but can the leadership of any company not look at this and concur it is a good thing? Also thanks to our friends at PDP, Marc Morand and Jeff Boyd were instrumental in making this a reality for our WINAIR team, many thanks gentlemen” said Michael Cleaver President and CEO of WINAIR.

“On behalf of the Country Club Port at de Plaisance, we welcome the WINAIR family to our Exclusive Country Club. WINAIR is the first company to provide “Elite” Country Club Memberships to all company employees, which shows dedication, loyalty and devotedness to their hard working staff year round”. “We are very proud and honored to be in partnership with a company such as WINAIR, whom illustrates a total commitment to their staff apart from day to day operations.”

“Welcome to the Country Club at Port de Plaisance group WINAIR.  We trust you will take full advantage of all of the amenities we provide at the Club such as yet Gym, Pool, Tennis, Club Restaurant, Hair Salon, Health Spa, Daycare and More”, said Marc Morand General Manager of PDP Country Club

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