MP Lake commends Gebe; urges seniors to apply for relief

POSTED: 04/16/15 6:22 PM

St. Maarten –NV Gebe has extended its senior relief program until December of this year and this has led to a verbal commendation from United People’s Party MP Maurice Lake to the company for taking this action.

The relief for seniors began in 2014 while MP Lake—then Minister Lake—was the minister with responsibilities for Gebe. “I applaud NV GEBE Board of Directors and Management for continuing the relief program for senior citizens aged 62 and older for another six months. The first pilot senior relief program in 2014 was started when I was the Minister of Energy Affairs, and it was considered a success, and I applaud the Managing Board for continuing with the program through the end of 2015,” Lake said.

Senior citizens 62 and over can now reapply for the relief program which will provide them another six months of lower utility bills. Seniors have until May 1 to apply for the relief according to information from NV Gebe and application forms can be picked up at Gebe’s main office on Walter Nisbeth road (Pondfill).

“The seniors who were in the program last year have to reapply in order to participate again this year.  I encourage all seniors 62 and over to apply as this will help reduce costs. For those who missed the opportunity the last time because of listening to others misguiding them with the wrong information, I encourage you to visit the NV Gebe office in town and get the necessary documentation together that are required to request this assistance that is being offered. This initiative is a good step until a more structural solution is implemented by Gebe across the board for everyone and we work towards alternative energy to lower the cost of living for all our people,” MP Maurice Lake said on Friday.

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MP Lake commends Gebe; urges seniors to apply for relief by

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