Message from Police to the Parents for the Carnival Season

POSTED: 04/10/15 12:14 PM

The Police Force of St. Maarten

Carnival 2015 has arrived. There are many youngster and teenagers who will definitely be taking part in the upcoming carnival festivities. The Carnival Season is a period in which a lot of alcohol is consumed and the Police Force of St. Maarten is making appeal to the parents of these youngsters and teenagers with the following:

  • Take time out, before your son or daughter takes part in the celebration and talk to them about the use and abuse of alcohol; it just may save a life.
  • A teenager’s brain is developing until the early twenties and is very sensitive to alcohol’s affects on judgment and decision-making.
  • If youngster and teenagers drink, they may temporarily feel elated and happy, but they should not be fooled. The next day isn’t elated and happy at all.
  • Their inhibition and memory soon become affected, so they may say and do things that they will regret and possibly not remember doing it at all.
  • Their decision making skills will be affected and may become restless and aggressive.
  • They may be more at risk getting into fights, destruction or making unwise decisions about sex.
  • They have no physical control and suffer loss of balance, slurred speech and blurred vision. Their normal activities can become truly dangerous.
  • Don’t drink and drive, it’s dangerous for yourself and others.

Excessive drinking can mean trips to the emergency room (because of injuries you might suffer as a cause of alcohol abuse), arrests (because of aggressive behavior) and sexual attacks (because of the state of mind you’re in). These youngsters and teenagers can put themselves in real danger.

Parents who talk to their children about the use and abuse of alcohol could prevent serious problems. Tell them to play it safe and party right during the Carnival Season.

Our advice to youngsters and teenagers: it’s better not to drink alcohol at all, because you might damage your brains permanently. For more information you can check or

The Police Force of Sint Maarten. (K.P.S.M.)

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