Digikidz Medialab re-opens

POSTED: 04/10/15 12:15 PM

St. Maarten – The Philipsburg Jubilee Library will be re-opening the Digikidz Medialab this week. The Medialab was launched in 2014 and since then has hosted courses on a variety of topics in the area of multimedia.

Children and adults alike can come to the Medialab to learn about how to use computers and harness their creativity. The courses that will be taught in the upcoming months are a basic course on the workings of the computer, a course for beginners on Facebook, programming basics, and many more.

The Medialab sessions are open to people of all ages and will be held twice a month on Friday afternoons in the library from 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm. The courses are free for children and teachers. Persons age 18 and over pay a contribution of $ 5 at the start of the workshop. For more information about the courses and to enroll in any of the classes, visit the medialab website on www.medialabsintmaarten.com or call the library at 542 2970.

The Medialab project is an initiative from Foundation Kultuurkameleon and is a part of the larger Digikidz project of the Foresee Foundation. Digikidz was made possible through funding from the Windsong Foundation and the Kultura fund.

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