THE MESSENGER IS ROAD MARCH KING: Beau Beau leads group of 10, all ladies advance

POSTED: 04/1/15 7:55 PM

St. Maarten – The Rogers family now has more reasons to be extremely proud now that their youngest son, Rumari ‘Rapper Boy Rumer’Rogers, aka ‘The Messenger’ won the crown when the curtains went down on the 2015 Nagico Road March competition which took place at the Celebration Palace on Saturday.

Just like his brother,– Ruminni’ Young Carlix The Protégé’ Rogers, the reigning Calypso Monarch who began his campaign to the crown at junior level,– The Messenger was able to finally deliver what the judges wanted to hear with a song entitled, ‘Rep You Flag’ which earned him 227 points.

Occupying the number two spot with 195 points was Apple Jack, with a tune called ‘I Got My Broom’ however she was unable to make a clean sweep this time. In third with 187 points was Lady Tiffany with ‘To Soca Music I Do Swear’ and after 11 years of absence, the former Junior Calypso Queen was able to demonstrate that she has what it takes to be a keen competitor. The Mighty Chipman, with ‘Wine Jam picked up 157 points followed by Mighty Pepper with ‘Rum’ on 112 points.

The competition was judged on lyrics (20 points) topic, composition 30 pts and construction. Melody 30 pts, originality and compatibility and presentation 50 pts, muse of stage, use of props, attire and showmanship.

In the Nagico Calypso Eliminations, Leroy ‘King Beau Beau’Brooks, the 11 time Calypso Monarch made a grand return to the competition by topping the points table with a total of 425 points. Beau Beau, in his usual dapper appearance was the last to perform and instead of targeting a politician with his sweet melodious voice, he addressed the roll of the head of the home in his tune entitled ‘Husband’ and that was good enough to impress the judges.

Kaiso Brat, another Calypsonian who also had his share of glory over the years also demonstrated that he still has what it takes to be ranked in the top five and he picked up 400 points for a tune called ‘Who In Control’.

Fish Da Mega Boss, the two time Calypso Monarch (2003 Phone Scandal & 2012 Stop The ship) was among the participants that focused their attention to social issues affecting the elderly. His tune ‘In Reverse’ was able to highlight some of those pressing issues and his effort earned him 389 points.

Roxanne ‘Roxxy’Webster, a former Junior Calypso Champion was at it again and as the most experienced female in the lineup, she was expected to do well. Her tune entitled ‘Universal’ addressed humanitarian issues that are affecting the entire world, the state of economies and the hunger for power and money among other things.

With 388 points, Roxxy once again was comfortably placed among the top five. In the number five spot was ‘The Wizard’ with ‘Get Up Wake Up St Maarten 376, Baker Jr, 371 for ‘We Blessed’, Z’Haira ‘The Mighty Empress’ Richardson was the first female on stage and the first to sing.

As a first time competitor, she was able to raise awareness and the bar with a tune called ‘Not A Man Thing’ where she emphasized the importance of women having an opportunity to wear the crown and the crowd loved her half and half appearance which was enough to earn her 356 points.

‘Shakiya’ delivered her tune called ‘Crown Me Now’ and her strong message enabled her to be on the list of 10 after securing 348 points. Lady Tiffany, was the last of the four females that went up against the men in this year’s competition and her song, ‘Time For a Female’ also struck the right cords; the kind that the judges wanted to hear, and with 334 points, she made the list. The last person on the list of 10 was X-Rey, his tune ‘March For That’ was also good enough to earn him a place after securing 329 points.

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THE MESSENGER IS ROAD MARCH KING: Beau Beau leads group of 10, all ladies advance by

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