Emergency protocol after cruise ship fire scare meets port approval

POSTED: 04/1/15 7:53 PM

St. Maarten – Emergency protocol procedures that were carried out Friday morning after crew onboard Carnival Liberty were alerted to a bow thruster overheating, has met with the approval of management of St. Maarten Port authority.

On Friday morning, just after the Carnival Liberty from the Carnival Cruise lines pulled into Port on St. Maarten passengers and crew were evacuated because of smoke billowing from the ship. Carnival Liberty crew followed shipboard procedures related to the smoke alarm, port management notes and after some time everything was back to normal. The St. Maarten Fire Department as part of standard procedure under such circumstances was called to the port and after the all clear was given, the fire trucks returned to their base in Cay Hill.

Cruise Line spokesman Vince Gulliksen explained on Friday that the smoke that was seen emanating from the front section of the Carnival Liberty had been caused by an overheated bearing e from the front section of the cruise ship. He said the problem has been resolved and that there were no reported injuries.

Once the all clear was received the passengers and crew could continue their scheduled activities and the ship departed St. Maarten on schedule.

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Emergency protocol after cruise ship fire scare meets port approval by

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