7TH Aannual Health & Wellness FAIR this Saturday

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Scenes from a previous wellness fair organized by the Lions Club. Photo contributed

St. Maarten – The stage is set for the 7th Annual “LION RUDY HOEVE HEALTH & WELLNESS FAIR” organized by the St. Maarten Lions Club. The fair is scheduled for this coming Saturday March 21st 2015 from 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM at the Festival Village.

This year’s fair will once again be powered by TELEM, which is the cooperate co-sponsor of the annual fair. Interest for the Fair has been growing each year and this year no less than 25 organizations, foundations and institutions involved in health care and wellness will be participating in the fair bringing to the public very vital information, carrying out several examinations and presenting various items, equipment and products for healthy living and eating.

Three new foundations have joined the Health & Wellness Fair, they are: Sickles Cell Foundation, Down Syndrome Foundation and the Tzu Chi Foundation. The Diabetes Foundation will be carrying out their usual blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar testing and this year they are flying in a Podiatrist from Curacao to do foot examinations particularly for diabetics but also for anyone wanting to examine their feet for safety.

The AIDS Foundation will be carrying out complete HIV/AIDS tests and special counseling. Love of Kids will give general information on dyslexia and have special books on dyslexia and distribute brochures. Positive Foundation will offer free breast cancer screening, provide breast cancer awareness literature and demonstration on how to do breast self-examinations. Alpha Health Care will have all sorts of health equipment, health supporting items on display. Enable Holistic Therapy will besides giving the necessary information and instructions on occupational therapy will be launching its Less Screen, More Play Campaign particularly for children showing them that they should get more involved in outside games rather than only being on their IPhone, IPad, Tablets etc. SXM Heart & Stroke Foundation will have a Cardiologist on the spot to do testing and give information to the public on how to prevent stroke and heart failure.

Sickles Cells Foundation a new foundation will be teaming up with the St. Maarten Laboratory Services to do Sickle Cells screening and will hand out brochures on the disease. Alzheimer Foundation will give counseling, doing the memory test and give a calculation of the scores to be taken to the family physician.  Public Health Department will be showcasing the new Mobile Health Bus and will focus on their campaign “Get Checked”. They will also raise nationwide awareness about health, health determinants and health disparities and raise individual awareness on healthy lifestyle.

St. Maarten Medical Center will be collecting patient demographic information to fully update their new Hospital Information System. Their topic will be “Electronic Health Record”. The results will immediately be passed on to their hospital system via internet. Inner Harmony Wellness Center will offer free nutritional evaluation tests, and will also test for proper minerals, and digestive issues.

Mental Health Foundation will give general information and distribute brochures on dementia etc. Down Syndrome Foundation a new foundation will distribute vital information on Down Syndrome. Tzu Chi Foundation is also participating for the first time and is offering the public free vegetarian snacks and most importantly will be offering free total massages, feet massages and Thai Reflexology and Therapeutic Chair massages. SZV is back on the fair and will concentrate on pension and its requirements, registration of employees and compliance of employers and make appointments and will be handing out a Seniors Health Brochure and a healthy eating booklet for kids.

White Yellow Cross will give general information on home care and will have a dietician on the spot to give information and answer questions. W.I.E.M.S will again be part of the fair and will teach the public special CPR application and other health specifics. Zumba is back at the fair. I & I Fitness Gym will be there with its Zumba team and they are also inviting the general public to come out and do some Zumba exercises and stay fit. I&I will be providing vital information on why exercising is so important to remain healthy. Special tips for Senior Citizens on exercises which can be of importance for their health, balance and correlation will also be provided.

For the kids the Lions are offering special kids movies and games upstairs at the Festival Village. Lions will be supervising the children while they enjoy the movies and games while they will be treated to snacks and drinks and in the meantime their parents can do their various tests and get information without worrying about the kids. The Lions are very thankful to all organizations, foundations and institutions for once again taking part in their annual Health & Wellness Fair and offering their services and experience to the public at large.

The Lions are urging the general public to come out in great numbers to get their testing done, get information and learn how to live a healthier life. The Lions are also urging everyone to take the results of their tests and examinations to their family doctor and the public is reminded that all tests are free of charge

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