Police Officer who killed Akeem  Issidora suspended

POSTED: 03/16/15 1:07 PM

St. Maarten —Police officer Rishmer York, who shot and killed 22 year old Akeem Isidora during an altercation last week, has been suspended by the KPSM, a decision which has reportedly been approved by Justice Minister Dennis Richardson.

The Federal Detectives have launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Isidora’s death at Happy Estate Belvedere.  The decision to suspend York is said to be part of efforts at transparency on the part of KPSM. KPSM has not made any comment on the officer involved shooting other than to confirm that there was an altercation and that Akeem Issidora had died as a result of gun shot wounds sustained during that incident. KPSM did not provide information as to whether  officer York, who is reportedly a recent recruit, was being treated as a murder suspect or indeed whether he was the shooter. All inquiries have been referred to the Federal Detectives Department and the Public Prosecutors office.

The victim’s mother meanwhile alleged in an interview with this newspaper on Friday that her son had several run ins with Officer York in the weeks leading up to his death, including a “false arrest” just a week before.  At the time of the shooting officer York was off duty and was in his private vehicle which is said to be heavily tinted. He is also said by witnesses to have initially fled the scene at high speed immediately following the shooting.  The investigation by the Public Prosecutor’s Office is ongoing with York as the chief suspect.

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Police Officer who killed Akeem  Issidora suspended by

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