Road tax controls began Wednesday

POSTED: 03/12/15 12:40 PM

St. Maarten – The Receiver’s Office announced last weekend that controls on payment of the 2015 motor vehicle tax will begin this Wednesday. “All vehicles must carry the 2015 plates and they must be visible to the police. Plates covered with tinted plastic that are not legible are not allowed and the driver can be fined,” the Tax administration stated in a press release.

The fine for not carrying the correct plates is 300 guilders. The police will also confiscate the car. Drivers who find themselves in this situation have to report to the Receiver’s Office with a valid insurance and inspection car and pay their road tax before they will get their car back.

The police will issue a release form upon presentation of the proof of payment. Retrieving the car from the towing company will cost $85 plus a $15 storage fee for every day the car remains in the compound. Violators also have to pay the 300-guilders fine issued by the police at the Receiver’s Office.

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Road tax controls began Wednesday by

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