Guyanese celebrate Phagwah

POSTED: 03/12/15 12:49 PM

St. Maarten – The playful coloring of the body, especially the faces with Radha, is an ancient tradition by Hindu’s and in some cases non-Hindu’s worldwide. Over the past few years, the significance of the festival of colors has been growing from strength to strength on St Maarten.

Phagwah was celebrated officially last Friday in Guyana, but due to work commitments and other work related matters, yesterday was the day when dozens assembled at the Emilio Wilson Park to keep up the tradition.

Chasing down each other just to apply a variety of colored powders on any part of the body is a common practice. Buckets, water guns and water-filled balloons are often used during the day of fun-filled frolic.

However the festival is not without its religious aspect which includes the playing of musical instruments, dancing and the eating of a variety of holy delicacies. For those kids attending the festival for the first time, it was a learning experience and for the adults, it was their responsibility to ensure the tradition is passed on.

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