Minister Connor and Chamber to better synchronize efforts

POSTED: 03/9/15 6:34 PM

St. Maarten – Minister of TEATT Claret Connor met with the board of the Chamber of Commerce based on a February 15th request, and according to reports from the Chamber, the minister outlined his vision on economic development and the role of COCI.

The members of the COCI Board were very pleased to have this one on one exchange with the Minister, and requested meetings and exchanges with the Minister and his cabinet in a structural manner, to better synchronize efforts undertaken by both entities seeking a sustainable economic development in St. Maarten.

The COCI Board members undertaking the activities for the execution of this year’s theme: ”Better Business in St. Maarten”, were elated to receive the positive feedback from the Minister and pledged their support for a close working relationship with the Ministry of TEATT. The Minister and his Chef de Cabinet, J. James established the communication lines between COCI and the Ministry of TEATT, adding immediate action to words.

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Minister Connor and Chamber to better synchronize efforts by

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