Fuel related issue affect production at GEBE power plant

POSTED: 03/9/15 6:40 PM

St. Maarten – Trouble with a Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) Separator has been identified as the reason Utility Company NV GEBE has had to resort to load shedding during some parts of last week.

Consumers in some areas have been receiving brief interruptions during the day, as the power company explores all possible solutions for their present problem. The situation started developing one week ago, resulting in some four days of load shedding, but according to NV GEBE, “while the situation remains delicate at the Power Plant, GEBE’s technical team has been working to ensure that they continue to provide optimal levels of energy to consumers.”

Given that St. Maarten is in the middle of one of its largest annual events, the Heineken Regatta, the management team is said to have thought it necessary to provide the reassurance to residents and visitors that the situation at the plant is under control.

Gebe Chief Operations Officer, COO and President of the Managing Board, R. Maduro said in a press release issued Thursday, “As of just over one week ago, Gebe has been encountering some fuel related issues at the Power Plant in Cay Bay, that has caused the HFO Separator to fail. We are prepared to deal with any eventualities with regards to production and will ensure that our service in no way hampers the festivities of the St. Maarten Heineken Regatta.”

Maduro, a certified engineer himself, has been working with his team around the clock this past week to resolve the situation. He says the operation is now about 90% restored and will soon be returned to normal. “We have seen significant improvement in the situation, although it is not yet 100% resolved. While it is still a bit delicate we are heading in the right direction.”

Maduro extended sincere thanks to his entire team who have been working to solve the problem at the plant and commended the Distribution Department that is still busy ensuring there are no interruptions in busy areas and schools and limiting the possibility of load shedding.


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