Dutch takes human struggling fight to Caribbean

POSTED: 03/9/15 6:41 PM

THE HAGUE–At least one person faces deportation from the Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire, following human trafficking and exploitation inspections that were carried out there on Tuesday March 3.

The inspections were a joint operation by the Royal Marechaussee, the Dutch Caribbean Police Corps, the Dutch Caribbean Tax Office, the Directorate for Order and Monitoring of Bonaire and Labor Inspectors. As the officers descended upon the area, surrounding snack bars started closing promptly. “In the coming period we will be carrying out more inspections like this,” a press release from the Marechaussee said.

It explained that among other things, the operation took aim at illegal residency and employment, human exploitation, immigration and taxes. They visited two locations: Family Store where they looked into salary administration and La Parada, where they found the company’s license to be lacking.

The release said the tax office will launch an investigation into the lease and sub-leasing of rooms, while the labor inspectorate will look into statements by two women who claimed they worked as hairdressers. Police seized the passports of three women and instructed them to report at the station, as the addresses they said raised questions. A fourth woman who was found to be living on the island six months longer than she had been permitted, was to be deported today.

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