Shooting in Dutch Quarter

POSTED: 03/4/15 11:16 AM

St. Maarten – A masked man dressed completely in black fired several shots at two persons on a scooter in the Dutch Quarter area at approximately 09.50 p.m. on Saturday.

The gun man had been waiting in the dark for the victims, and continued shooting at them even after they rode off on the scooter. Several police patrols, detectives and forensic department were sent to the A. Th. Illidge road in the Dutch Quarter area to investigate the incident.

“On the scene the investigating officers spoke to the victims who stated that they were just about to leave their home on a scooter when they saw an unknown man who was dressed completely in black with a fire-arm in his hand standing in the dark. Without any warning the unknown suspect started shooting at them causing them to speed off with the scooter. While speeding off a third shot was fired at them. Luckily none of the victims were shot. The victims could not give any statement who the suspect is and why anyone would want to shoot at them. On the scene the Forensic Department collected evidence. The Special Robbery Unit went on to question witnesses and is presently continuing this investigation,” Inspector Ricardo Henson said yesterday.


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