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POSTED: 03/4/15 12:40 PM

During the call in talk show on Sunday morning February 8, 2015 hosted by The Voice of St. Maarten and moderated by Lloyd Richardson. Lloyd’s guest was the Minister of Justice Dennis Richardson, who hinted at social unrest in the making if the Dutch come down with higher supervision. We guess this unrest happened after the failed attempt of Toochie Meyers and crew, alleged to be prostitutes or dancers, to exhibit the discontent of the people of St. Maarten. Dennis it was a no show for your information. Do you now have new intelligence?

Our Prime Minister Marcel Gumbs championed the same rhetoric in a letter to the prime minister of the Netherlands.

The NAPB president also said that the recent moves by the Dutch will spark a reaction from the people of St. Maarten that not even the Dutch will expect. He did not go into details of the reaction to which he had been referring. Which moves? Do you have intelligence that indicates that something is brewing in the community that you as a police officer are privy to?

Are these government officials of the highest order in St. Maarten trying to bamboozle the people by looking for all kind of reasons that don’t fly a kite to allow the corruption in government to continue?

It would better serve them and the people they represent to concentrate all their effort on solving the problems at the various government-owned companies caused by greedy politicians. Focus on the recommendations and ask yourself why PwC was not allowed to take its various findings to the prosecutor’s office. Concentrate on how would we as nation make it right and recover the lost financials stolen from the people instead of searching for a manner in which to let the culprits get away scot-free. |

While PM Gumbs said that he is busy fighting the Dutch as to how we will accept their help to clean up the wrongdoing of some politicians (UP) they are trying to expedite activities such as SMPA security contract for Oniel Arrindel/Hyman (his campaign body guard)/Chet Euton. Managing Director Mark Mingo, who cannot release the agreement and Frans Richardson as an alleged partner in the deal.

The pushing of the Gebe smart water meters, eliminating of SOL and replacing it with Chevron, placing their players on boards with the intent to carry out their plans of excavating US dollars from projects all taking place while they are telling the Dutch that they have control and they need not come to upset the people of St. Maarten.

Minister of Justice, you should be requesting the prosecutor to look into these scam deals and not allow them on the plate of integrity breaches and corruption.

The Mongoose is flabbergasted by the behavior of the opposition by the sudden absence on these matters. Mongoose is watching and hoping that the reason is not a strategy to become inclusive and not excluded from participation in the rip-off of Chevron and others.

When the Mongoose has completed its research, we shall inform the people of St. Maarten where the cards will fall.

The wheeling and dealing continues to this day by the same people, despite the PwC-report and other reports pointing in their direction.

Prime Minister Gumbs and Justice Minister Richardson, are the mentioned activities a means to cause social unrest to the people of St. Maarten if they don’t get your way? The people would like you to identify publicly who are the employees of the shell company that channels profits back to its parent company in the USA.

Don’t we have the right to know and don’t you have the obligation to stop it and have the culprits removed? Yes, when it comes to taking action you claim not have enough manpower to stop the corrupted deals.

According to PM Gumbs, the January 28 letter that Minister Plasterk sent to the Kingdom Council of Ministers “incorrectly” suggested that St. Maarten was not aware of the urgency, gravity or nature of the integrity problems on the island. PM Gumbs stated that talks with Philipsburg and exchanged documents showed just the opposite.

PM Gumbs explained the workings of the Integrity Chamber in detail in his letter to Rutte. He stressed that this institution would operate completely independently and that it had as an objective to detect integrity violations in government and government-owned companies, which it would then report to the local Prosecutor’s Office.

It would have been better understood if there was a motion adapted by the parliament in which the prosecutor would have been instructed to act on malpractices mentioned in the PwC-report and others for which huge amounts were paid.

Remember it was this same parliament that unanimously asked to let us do our own thing.

Please let the people know what has been done since that motion was passed to avoid the SMPA from dealing with Dominica and Anguilla or any other country for that matter without the full involvement of the people’s representatives?

The Checkmate Security deal came to light after you told the Dutch that we are able to solve our integrity problems. The looming alleged Gebe smart water meter deal and Chevron are in the light after you told the Dutch that we are doing all possible to correct the integrity problems. It would have served you and the country better had you considered installing a committee to carry out a forensic investigation

We need help was a recent cry from Minister Richardson and then Prime Minster Wescot-.
The Dutch replied on their cry for help. Did they not do so?


The Mongoose

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The Mongoose is an electronic newsletter that comments on current affairs. This newspaper has asked the authors to identify themselves but received no response. The newsletter gives an unspecified address on Pond Island as the place where The Mongoose is located. Our best guess at this moment – until proven otherwise – is that the author is an employee of the Census Office. Today values freedom of opinion and understands from this perspective that the author (or authors) do(es) not want to put their careers in jeopardy for criticizing the government.

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