Renewable energy popular topic at St. Dominic Science Fair

POSTED: 03/2/15 9:56 PM

St. Maarten —It was very obvious that the students who participated in the St. Dominic School Science Fair knew the full details about the projects that were presented.  As the name suggests the projects depicted the participants’ knowledge of the sciences and they presented subjects such as solar energy and other alternative forms of energy and hemochromatosis which is the study of how technology affects the human body.

The teacher responsible for the Science Fair Herbert Davis said that the students were given an opportunity to choose a topic of their liking and got the opportunity to experiment on them. “What you basically notice is that the students are attracted and drawn to the science fair topics such as wind energy and solar energy, because this is the way that the world is going today.”  They are looking towards more renewable energy instead of fossil fuel, he said.

He could not at the time say which one of the projects he thinks should win the science fair but pointed out that the students explored all of the sciences they have been taught–physics, biology and chemistry. Davis further noted and commented on the students use of wave energy as one of their major topics and went into pimples which are a biological topic and chemical topics such as detergents and hair products.

He pointed out that although there are projects that he likes, the decision is left up to the judges who will decide the winner.  The projects will be judged in three major areas such as the written report, the oral presentation and the display board. The Science Fair was the preparation for the annual science fair carded to be held later this month.

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Renewable energy popular topic at St. Dominic Science Fair by

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